Dai 1.0

Introduction - Stability - Core - CLI - Query API


The Dai CLI is a client for command-line interaction with the core system contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s built on Seth, the unix inspired, blockchain automation & open source finance toolkit, maintained by the DappHub collective.


Dai is part of the dapp.tools suite. Install the suite with:

$ curl https://dapp.tools/install | sh

Then install the dai package with:

$ dapp pkg install dai


To upgrade Dai to the latest release, run:

$ dapp pkg update dai


Dai accepts the following options, which can be set as variables or passed as flags:

-F --from  ETH_FROM      sender address
-G --gas   ETH_GAS       gas quantity
-C --chain SETH_CHAIN    remote node target (ethlive or kovan)
   --cup   DAI_CUP       cup ID for cup operations

These variables can also be exported via bash script at ~/.sethrc along with any other Seth configuration.

Connecting to the blockchain

By default, Dai assumes a local RPC node running on the default port.

It can also be run against a remote Infura node from a machine with no local copy of the blockchain using the --chain flag.

Ethlive dai system status:

dai --chain ethlive status

or access the Dai deployment on the Kovan testnet:

dai --chain kovan status

Example usage

# Set CDP owner wallet
export ETH_FROM=0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111

$ dai -C ethlive open
Opening cup...
Waiting for transaction receipt...
Opened cup 7

export SETH_CHAIN=ethlive

$ dai --cup 7 lock 10.0

$ dai --cup 7 draw 500.0

$ dai --cup 7 cup
cup id 7...
lad: 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111
ink: 10.00000000000000000
tab: 500.00000000000000000
rap: 0.013002546907931440

$ dai help

Read commands

Public accessible dai system and cup info.

dai  air             get the amount of backing collateral
dai  axe             get the liquidation penalty
dai  caged           get time of cage event (= 0 if system is not caged)
dai  chi             get the internal debt price
dai  cup             show the cup info
dai  fee             get the governance fee
dai  fit             get the gem per peth settlement price
dai  fix             get the gem per dai settlement price
dai  fog             get the amount of peth pending liquidation
dai  gem             get the collateral token
dai  gov             get the governance token
dai  cap             get the debt ceiling
dai  ice             get the good debt
dai  ink             get the amount of peth collateral locked in a cup
dai  joy             get the amount of surplus dai
dai  lad             get the owner of a cup
dai  mat             get the liquidation ratio
dai  off             get the cage flag
dai  out             get the post cage exit flag
dai  par             get the accrued holder fee (ref per dai)
dai  per             get the current entry price (gem per peth)
dai  pie             get the amount of raw collateral
dai  pep             get the gov price feed
dai  pip             get the gem price feed
dai  pit             get the liquidator vault
dai  rap             get the amount of governance debt in a cup
dai  ray             parse and display a 27-decimal fixed-point number
dai  rho             get the time of last drip
dai  rhi             get the internal debt price (governance included)
dai  s2s             get the peth per dai rate (for boom and bust)
dai  dai             get the dai token
dai  sin             get the sin token
dai  peth            get the peth token
dai  tab             get the amount of debt in a cup
dai  tag             get the reference price (ref per peth)
dai  tapAsk          get the amount of peth in dai for bust
dai  tapBid          get the amount of peth in dai for boom
dai  tapGap          get the spread on `boom` and `bust`
dai  tau             get the time of last prod
dai  tax             get the stability fee
dai  tubAsk          get the amount of peth in gem for join
dai  tubBid          get the amount of peth in gem for exit
dai  tubGap          get the spread on `join` and `exit`
dai  vox             get the target price engine
dai  wad             parse and display a 18-decimal fixed-point number
dai  way             get the holder fee (interest rate)
dai  woe             get the amount of bad debt

dai  help            print help about dai(1) or one of its subcommands


Requires that the account specified at ETH_FROM be authorised to perform the given command.

dai bite            initiate liquidation of an undercollateral cup
dai boom            buy some amount of dai to process joy (surplus)
dai bust            sell some amount of dai to process woe (bad debt)
dai cage            lock the system and initiate settlement
dai cash            cash in dai balance for gems after cage
dai cupi            get the last cup id
dai cups            list cups created by you
dai draw            issue the specified amount of dai stablecoins
dai drip            recalculate the internal debt price
dai exit            sell PETH for gems
dai free            remove excess PETH collateral from a cup
dai give            transfer ownership of a cup
dai heal            cancel debt
dai join            buy PETH for gems
dai lock            post additional PETH collateral to a cup
dai open            create a new cup (collateralized debt position)
dai prod            recalculate the accrued holder fee (par)
dai safe            determine if a cup is safe
dai setAxe          update the liquidation penalty
dai setFee          update the governance fee
dai setHat          update the debt ceiling
dai setMat          update the liquidation ratio
dai setTapGap       update the spread on `boom` and `bust`
dai setTax          update the stability fee
dai setTubGap       update the spread on `join` and `exit`
dai setWay          update the holder fee (interest rate)
dai shut            close a cup
dai vent            process a caged tub
dai wipe            repay some portion of your existing dai debt